Lately more and more we can see the term of Virtual Assistant as the occupancy, and it is used more often while describing of business activities, whether you offer or looking for the job as Virtual Assistant. The terms that are also used, and have the same or very similar meaning are virtual personal assistant, virtual business assistant, virtual administrative assistant, virtual office assistant, virtual administrative assistant and similar.

If we take into consideration development of technologies, digitalization of business activities, development and popularity of this occupancy in some other countries, and also the possibilities and advantages which the business subjects can achieve with engagement of Virtual Assistant, we can say that in Croatia this occupancy has yet to be achieved and become something quite usual in doing of regular business activities.

So, let's go consecutively demystify who is the Virtual Assistant, what is he doing, what are the advantages from cooperation with the Virtual Assistant and how he can help to your business activities.


The Virtual Assistant is qualified independent professional which can be hired for doing of concerning expert activities from the field of his competence, all without obligation of classical employment, i.e. without concluding the employment contract.
Also, engagement of Virtual Assistant doesn't have to include even service contract as well as copyright contract, although that is also one of the possibility for the case of time limited or project collaboration.

Virtual Assistant is therefore the most often doing his activities in the frame of registered company or established craft, and on that way he is providing the services of virtual assistance, and also other potential registered business activities.
The option of arrangement of Virtual Assistant, which his services provides in the frame of company/craft, is for sure cost-effective for the Client from financial side, if we compare it with other types of collaborations, but this is also required to be estimated for every case individually.
Virtual Assistant leaves the traditional role of the employee of the company/craft, he works and provides his services usually from the place separated from the Client's place, and for his work and communication he is using his own resources, internet connection and the new technologies.
So, everything what traditionally were done in the employer's office, now the Virtual Assistant is doing from his own home/home office, office on other location or while traveling around.
In so doing, the most important in the whole story is – that the job is done professionally, all in accordance to agreement and of course in agreed dead line.


Some of the most often services that the Virtual Assistant is providing:

  • Writing of different texts, offers, letters and other documentations
  • Market research
  • Translation, proofreading and correcting
  • Gathering and date processing, projections, calculations, table forms and graphs and reports
  • Preparing of accounting and bookkeeping activities
  • Creating of presentation materials
  • Graphical design
  • Web site maintenance
  • Managing of social media, e-mail and online campaigns
  • Promotional activities
  • Business plans and preparing of projects
  • Various administrative and organizational services
  • User support services
  • Other specialized services

Of course, all the Virtual Assistants don't provide the same services and they don't provide all the services. On the basis of their work and experience, they are specialized for particular fields which are the most interesting to them or where they have the most experiences and skills.
It means that term of Virtual Assistant doesn't mean immediately the whole list of all the possible administrative services, then in communication with him it is recommended to get more information about the services that he provides or even possibility for potential agreement for some other services for which the Virtual Assistant thinks he can do professional and in agreed deadline.

Here you can see the list of most often business activities which we are covering in the frame of our Virtual Assistant's services, and where we have a lot of different variations and the list is becoming longer and longer.


Some of the key advantages in cooperation with the Virtual Assistant:

  • As the Virtual Assistant is also the small entrepreneur, he can from his own experience understand the best needs of entrepreneur beginner/micro entrepreneur
  • Large range of services and lower expenses in relation to administrative employee
  • Arrangement of Virtual Assistant for the less traditional business activities which are done just periodical or flat-rate
  • Possibility for arrangement of package of administrative services, all in accordance to entrepreneur's requirements
  • With delegating of routine administrative activities, the entrepreneurs finally can do things they like to do as well as develop their business activities
  • Solving of boring and repeated administrative activities and paperwork, decreasing of fast-increasing to-do list and decreasing of tasks and projects which are waiting for their realization
  • Flexibility in methods of communication (mail, phone or online communication), types of services and deadlines for doing of it
  • Possibility for cooperation from the different sides of the world, with the good internet connection, computer/notebook and if necessary, the required applications
  • Interest for the new learnings and knowledges, adjustment to potential other new requirements of the entrepreneur, individual approach and kindness


Virtual Assistant can help to your business activities on different ways, and some of the most important are:

  • Decreasing of expenses for employment of new employees, what includes also careless about vacations, sick leaves and other justified periods when the employees are not able for doing of their regular business activities
  • Decreasing of expenses of traditional office/administrative equipment and support
  • Payment of just ordered and done hours/projects by in advance agreed conditions, and all in accordance to the real requirements of business activities
  • Time and energy saving, which usually would be spent for doing of every day’s or project's administrative activities
  • Support by organization, correspondence, phone calls, researches... in order then the entrepreneurs can do their primary business activities
  • Simplification of business activities and focus just on the things that are important for development of business (realization of new ideas, education, networking...)
  • Increasing of productivity, and consequently increasing of profit
  • Help and support in achievement of business goals
  • More free time for family, rest time and friends, what will for sure impact on concentration and effectiveness in doing of business activities

According to all previously mentioned, and also the fact that there always will be the business activities, paperwork, legislative, promotional activities, translations and similar, we can conclude as the Virtual Assistant's activities are the business of the future. Especially if we take into consideration the new business customs and habits and also work from home and distance work, all as a consequence of current world pandemic caused by the virus Covid-19.


Of course, for the particular business activities and particular business requirements, employment of employees stays the only possible and only reasonable option for the entrepreneur, and in that context the arrangement of Virtual Assistant is not acceptable.
But, if you need any help from external staff, which is not permanent and constantly, and which could contribute to your productivity and growth of your business, in that case the arrangement of Virtual Assistant would be more acceptable solution.
Maybe you didn't think about option of arrangement of Virtual Assistant until not, or you didn't know that the option like that even exists, but on the basis of all mentioned in this Article we think that it is worth to think about it.

Contact us with your questions, ideas and combinations!
Write us what part of administrative activities would you like to delegate to others, what are the „small“ things what you have to do, although you are aware that the same time invested in some „big“ things could bring better results to your business.
What are the activities what you need to do, but still you are not doing it at all, what are the activities what you wear in your head all the time and it makes you nervous, and you just don't have enough time and energy to make it done...?

We are waiting for you here!

If you want to delegate the activities what you don't have time for doing it, don't know or don't want to do it and want to enjoy in your business activities, the Virtual Assistant is the real solution for you.

Because, you don’t have to do everything on your own 😊

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