Very often we can hear that it is very important to be good (or even excellent) organised and that it is actually half of our work, because with the good organization we can manage all the planned activities in required period.

But is this really like that and is the good organization really the half of our work? Here we will work on the professional side of the life, but text also could be applied on the other, not less organisational demanding, private side of the life.

As someone which daily job is combination of numbers, law regulations, professional articles, deadlines, huge responsibilities, continuously changes, correspondence and communication, where everything is different every time, and where every client and every project is planet for themselves, I can confirm that I agree with the above claimed.

In so doing, I don't reduce the importance of many other factors which are crucial for quality work, but also think that the good organisation is base and crucial entry.

The good organisation is the half way to success.

As evidence about above mentioned I will list the main advantages of good organisation.

  • Ensures the timely doing of all business activities i.e. compliance the deadlines
  • Allows easier determination and compliance of priorities and schedule of activities by the criteriums of theme, importance, required time for execution of tasks and given deadlines, what all result with increased productivity
  • Means delegation of certain tasks what we can't do or don't have a time to do in required period
  • Saves the time because we don't do the same thing several times, we can easier find the documents and information, we act in targeted manner and don't lose the time on irrelevant details
  • Creates added time for new business acknowledgements, educations and networking, but also the most important – more of our free time
  • Introduces more rules and orders in daily’s business activities
  • Decreases the quantity of delayed obligations, uncompleted activities and unrealised planes and also decreases possibility to forget the further activities
  • Decreases the tension and uncertainty and gives the feeling of control and certainty, and also indirectly measure of satisfaction
  • Allows, if needed, easier reorganisation, adopting the plans to new circumstances and developing the new ideas
  • Means long term activity, what means aimed action, faster business decisions making and, in the end, successful business goals realisation

The good organisation is required to learn, practice and improve, and if you are successful in it or not you will know in the end of working day, on the basis of sense of accomplishment about what you have done that day.

If you have to much current and project obligations, and their quality and timely doing is out of your time and work possibilities, unfortunately in that case even the best organisation can't help you to do all of that timely and correctly. 

Therefore, if you even with the good organisation can't manage all the planned business activities, and you have feeling that the small administrative obligations preclude you in business development, you can contact us about administrative services, especially adjusted to requirements of your business.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.

Do you have any questions related to accounting, business planning or administration?